An evening in St. Petersburg – December 2013

This is a small series of photos taken over a few hours of walking through St. Petersburg last month. This was the only free evening I had, and for some reason a kind of gloomy, weird and slightly unsettling photos resulted from it. I don’t think it’s representative of the city – just a very particular look at it. I’ll be back there in May, probably with different photographic results :-)

Chair and drainpipe
Chair and drainpipe (the first thing I stumbled upon after exiting from the back door of the concert hall)

Vertical No. 1: Looming (looking up from the same spot)

Kazan Cathedral
Vertical No. 2: Kazan Cathedral 

Waiting for the car
Vertical No. 3: Waiting for the car (first non-gloomy shot)

New Orleans
Vertical No. 4: New Orleans (back to the gloom. And, I know, wrong city. But this vampire-in-a-coffin relief just jumped at me. [Not literally.])

Church of the Saviour on Blood
Church of the Saviour on Blood. I love this church (even though it’s considered garish by St. Peterburg’s tasteful standards), but whatever angle I tried gave nothing but hackneyed results.  I ended up taking the photo through a semi-transparent plastic awning on a nearby booth, and later applying an invert/solarize curve in post-processing. I’m not totally convinced I like this image, but at least it’s not hackneyed (I think).  I do like the slightly drowned look.

Yellow (non-gloomy shot No. 2, and much more to my taste!)

The smokerThe smoker.


That’s it, see you next time!

Vienna street and cafes – July 2013

Sometimes you spend days walking around various towns, and end up with nothing much. And sometimes shots seem to be jumping up for grabs – just point the camera and press the shutter. On the last day of our holiday in Austria in July, we spent a few hours in Vienna, and I managed to get all these shots (as well as this one) in less then one hour. It’s cool when it happens :)

Smoking on the road
Smoking on the road

3 ladies in a shop (to say nothing of the dog)
3 ladies in a shop (to say nothing of the dog)


Viennese cafe
At a Viennese cafe

The hurdy-gurdy playerThe hurdy-gurdy player


That’s it for today! See you next time. :)


Ghost ship – Humlebæk, Denmark, Sep 2013

Louisiana view, Humlebæk, Denmark – September 2013

Before an icon, St. Jakob Kirche – Villach, Austria, July 2013

Like an illustration – Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, Sep 2013

Walking men – Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, Sep 2013


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