Poole and Swanage, part 1

So, even though last week’s trip to Poole was rather a short one, and I didn’t manage to get to Brownsea Island (which is packed full of birds and squirrels and various types of terrain and is a photographer’s delight), I have a few photos to share – nothing too exiting, I’m afraid, but still.

To start with, two house facades, located just behind the concert hall – the second one technically being a side wall that just looks like a facade :):

Next, another night shot from Poole’s High Street:

On the nature front, a flower and some deliciously olive green tree bark (which, if viewed for a long time, slightly reminds me of an aerial view of Machu Picchu):

And lastly, two photos from Swanage, a lovely seaside town just 10 miles from Poole – the first one is a Fish & Chips facing the beach, and the second is today’s Art Photo, and depicts a Gull, Viewed from Behind, on some Clouds, all in black and white for extra artistry.  

That’s it for today. See you next week!


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