Olpe and walking around the Biggesee

After Stuttgart I spent a day and a half in Olpe, a small town on the shore of the Bigge lake, situated not far from Essen, Cologne and Dusseldorf. The weather on the day of the arrival and the concert was pretty bad – all gray and just-about-to-rain (though it never properly did), but on the next morning there was some really lovely sunshine to accompany me on a small walk around parts of the lake. A very different colour palette than in Stuttgart, as you’ll see – and I loved the tranquil, I’d even say serene, atmosphere of the small town (very warm people!), the calm water, the trees and the air.

So here we go: to start with, two shots of my hotel on the evening of the concert –

Then, four shots from the walk on the following morning:

And then, two shots from back in Olpe – a house facade in the afternoon sun, and a jackdaw (or crow? not sure) on a tree:

That’s it for today. I still have a few ‘leftovers’ from Stuttgart and Olpe for next time, and then, what I believe is a good batch from Malmo. Till then! 🙂


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