Malmö and various experiments, December 2011

I had a 4-day trip to Malmö, in the south of Sweden. Of those, just one was a free day, but it was, like, completely free, and I could devote quite a lot of time to walking around the center of the town and Trying Things Out (photographic things, that is). So, here are the best results (the experiments are in the end, if you want to jump there):

To start with, two guys which you may or may not want to meet:

That’s that same guy, just from the side. And here’s the other chap:

I’m not sure what they represent, but as city sculptures go, they are way cool. Speaking of sculptures, here’s another one (or rather three, and all made out of wood):

And one last sculpture – back to metal, and up to four (and these are cool too, I think):

Next, two house facades (I loved the colours):

Then, Christmas lights on one of the city squares:

And now the experiments – first, two experiments with high-key photography:

Then, an experiment with underexposure:

Then, one with motion blur:

And lastly two tries at street photography (the first one probably doesn’t qualify due to the subject matter, but still 🙂 ):

Well, that’s it! See you next time. And happy New Year!


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