Essen, Germany – January 2012

Here’s a small bunch of photos from Essen, where I played the New Year’s Concert last month. It was not a very exciting weather for photography, as the city was covered with heavy clouds most of the time, and it was raining more often than not – and unfortunately, there wasn’t much time to explore either, so all photos either come from around the Aalto Theater (the opera house, where I was practicing), and/or the main pedestrian street.

To start with, here’s the view from across the road from the Theater:

And here’s a blackbird just outside the Theater – I was trying to do some macro shots of the berries as it perched on the tree, and I managed to take two photos before it flew away – though I missed focus on both of them, I’m afraid, leading to a weird looking blackbird:

Here’s the Aalto Theater itself, at twilight:

It’s a beautiful building, on the inside as well, and I was happy to have had a chance to listen to a first-class ‘Fledermaus’ there, as well as to a very interesting ‘Tannhäuser’. Passing on to the main street, here’s a photo of the crucifix near Essen cathedral (one of the strongest I’ve seen in its impact):

And just on the other side of the street, near a big bookstore:

And finally, a giant wheel at dusk with a long exposure (I’ve seen many of those in various photography books, and wanted one too 🙂 ):

That’s all for today. I’m traveling to Prague and London in the next weeks, so see you after that!


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