Street photography in Essen – March 2012

Hello! and I’m back – the last two months have been really intense and hectic (and a blast); I have loads of photos from four different trips, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to edit them. Have just returned from Essen, Germany, and the following five photos are from there – I’ll go back to the other trips later. These are street shots, something, as I found, you can do even when you don’t have much time. Street photography is utterly fascinating – in practice more than in theory – and it’s quite a distinctive pleasure when you get a good shot (though sometimes I feel bewildered looking at these, as they’re not at all what I used to think was my type of shots).

So, here they are:

I was trying out a technique I read about on photography forums – shooting from the hip, without looking at the screen (which is folded in, for minimal conspicuousness) – you basically walk around, camera held nonchalantly in your hand, and then, without looking at it or raising it up, you point it at something or someone – and shoot. And, as you can imagine, you mostly get bits of legs or empty walls and such (at least I mostly did) – but then sometimes you get lucky 🙂

I liked the various reds and browns, and the overall Italian feel. Being inconspicuous didn’t work this time – but I think his looking into the camera adds. (This was a normal, framed, shot.)

From a park near the concert hall.

This was another one from the hip. I like the determination on her face 🙂

The singer and the lead guitarist of a street band, playing near the central railway station.

And that’s it for today – see you next time 🙂


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