London night shots – March 2012

Hello all! I’m back, and for a longer period too (unless something comes up), so will do some catching up. To begin with, here’s a small series of night shots I did in London back in March – while experimenting, I came up with the idea of underexposing quite severely (by 1 1/3 – 2 stops) – which turned unlikely 2-3-second exposures (which can be done as well, but it’s a hit or miss, and often requires lots of tries) into a 1/3 of a second ones, while also allowing me to keep the ISO down (which is a Good Thing with my camera, as high ISO is not one of its strengths :P) – but most importantly it created some wonderfully atmospheric shots. The first one is from the All Souls Church  just near the BBC building, and it creeps me out a bit:

The next one, just around the corner, reminds me of a Chicago gangsters building from the 1930’s (or of my imagination thereof – no personal experience there, I’m afraid):

And just to the left of where I was standing:

Then, two photos near my hotel – I’m not really sure what attracted me in the first one, but I spent quite a lot of time trying to photograph it (whatever ‘it’ was) – this is the one that comes closest to giving me the same feeling (I think part of the original attraction was the shadow cast by the wheel – though it didn’t come out prominently on the photo):

The second was easier – I liked the composition, and was reminded in a slightly non-sequitur-ish way of Miro:

Here’s the same tree from the other side (on the following evening, on my way to see the Comedy of Errors at the National Theatre):

And finally, much later that evening, at a different part of town –

While I was trying to get the shot a group of guys approached me, and one of them, coming rather close, asked if I knew the way to yet some other part of town. “No,” I said, “I don’t.” “No? You don’t know?” he asked. “No,” I said, “I don’t,” wondering, in a detached way, if this was the sort of conversation that led to one’s getting mugged – it was nearly one o’clock, after all, and the area was deserted – but they just went on their way. The group in the photo is unrelated to the story – but I like how they contribute to a feeling of Conan Doyle’s or Dickens’ London. There’s even a dog. Or a hound :).

Well, that’s it from this batch – see you soon, I hope.


7 thoughts on “London night shots – March 2012

      • I thought Covent Garden and surroundings have already been deprived of muggings etc. Gloomy London… Impressive shots, hope to see your next batch soon!

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