Wenshu Temple, Chengdu, China – April 2012

Hello everybody! Here’s a batch of photos from the Wenshu temple in Chengdu – on my fourth day in China I (finally) had two free hours and very much wanted to visit something, and this was what the Lonely Planet guidebook recommended in such a case. I came away deeply impressed – the serene, palpably spiritual atmosphere inside the temple complex was a very big contrast to the city lying just outside the walls. Not much spiritual in the photos, I’m afraid – I was just snapping shots of everything around me (everything seemed interesting and unusual), and was pleasantly surprised to find I had a good amount of keepers among the shots. I’ll start with a sub-group of animal sculptures and reliefs which were scattered around the complex. First, a pair of monkeys, just outside the walls:

Next, an elephant on the top of the main temple building:

Approaching the main temple  building, a relief with dragons:

And another pair, carved on the doors:

Just in front of the doors, one of a pair of lions (this was the least exciting photo of the bunch, which I only wanted to include for the sake of completeness – but after processing, I ended up liking it quite a lot :-)):

Then, just below the roof of another building, a painting (or a carving?) of a tiger on wood:

And finally, a heavy stone turtle:

(and here are his live counterparts, in one of the ponds):

And now, a few unrelated photos. (Unrelated to animals :P) A courtyard of one of the outer buildings:

(ha, there’s a bird here as well. But what I liked were the very red pieces of cloth, and the combination of traditional architecture with modern commonplace items). Next, a view of one of the other ponds:

… and from the other side:

Reflections in yet another pond (though it may be the one with the turtles):

And finally, a different view from the same place – this is probably my favorite photo of the batch (a shame about the air conditioner units, but it would be a small processing nightmare to crop them out in Lightroom, with the cables and all):

Well, that’s it :-). Hope you’ve enjoyed those, and till next time! (And to our Jewish readers, a Happy Jewish New Year!)




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