First Anniversary!

Have just realized that today was the first anniversary of this blog.  Quite a period! With just under 120 photos, it was rather A Photo Every Three Days, but still 🙂

Thanks for all of you who have been following and commenting. Here’s for another year!

And a small something from Rotorua, NZ:


4 thoughts on “First Anniversary!

    • Thanks, Brezka – Rotorua in NZ is an area with lots of geothermal activity, so you see colors like this just walking through your local park. The concept – I noticed this bunch of cones lying in the middle of all that chemistry, and liked the three-colored shape with them in the centre.

      • Interesting answer and really the combination of the center is very captivating … Hm! besides that you are a good musician you are a good photographer too … that’s good … heheh! well, it is a good idea for fantasy makeup (I am a make up artist) , Your idea can generate many beautiful things …

  1. The structure of the picture works really well with the threefold devision of the colour scheme. And I like the thing in the middle – have been collecting and growing some of its relatives for years.

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