Blown by the wind – Manchester, Jan 2013

I had a free day in Manchester after the recent two concerts with the RLPO; enjoyed it a lot, and as it (rather often) happens, I shot more interesting stuff in 3 hours that day, than in the previous 4 days taken together – dunno whether it’s the free-day mood, or a different city, or a different time of day, or everything combined. Here’s one shot, of a street performer in Manchester, a very cool character (though I can’t imagine how tough it must be to maintain his ‘walking’ posture for hours on end):

Blown by the wind

One photographic conclusion I could draw from this trip – I need a good zoom; I’m cropping almost every shot – this one is less than 10% of the original frame.

Anyway, see you soon. 🙂


One thought on “Blown by the wind – Manchester, Jan 2013

  1. Always it is fascinating to see determination in a look, more in a street photo, the curiosity to know which is the thought of the personage of the photography, at the time that the photographer took the photo … the detail of the tie in the air was nice, because makes the photo more real … I like it 🙂 maybe you are rigth you need a good zoom but I think (my simple opinion) that more than the colors or that you want get on aesthetics it is more important the ART of the photo and the concept … 🙂

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