Lines, birds, bikes, a lion and a blue girl – Copenhagen, March 2012

Hello all! Here’s a bunch of (mismatched) photos from Copenhagen:

To start with, the view from my hotel as I arrived:

At dusk

And then, following the title: Lines –

Lines 3

Windows and lines-2

Creeper on the well (old movie still)

CPH concert hall - internal approaches

Birds –


Poised to fly

Bikes –


Bike noir

A lion –


And to finish, a blue girl –

Avatar blue

That’s it 🙂 See you next time!


9 thoughts on “Lines, birds, bikes, a lion and a blue girl – Copenhagen, March 2012

  1. well, they are good I can not decide which is my favorite, maybe, the pictures where there are metallic structures (B & W)and the Lion (make me remember Aslan from “The Chronicles of Narnia” one of my favorite books)the photo looks majestic as the description of Aslan in the book, and the blue girl heheh, make me remember myself with my smartphone in every place 🙂

    • Thanks Brezka! My own favorites are the creeper on the wall and the dark bike (but the lion and the blue girl are close by).
      I’m doing more and more black-and-white. Not sure how I feel about it…

      • Maybe your subconscious tries to find other kinf of Art …. you are a great pianist, you can to play The Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, Op. 30 by Rachmaninov with skilfully …….. then it is logical You feel attracted by B & W …. the black and white photographs are difficult matters (I know for my job) and I’m sure that you like the challenges, and the sensitivity is strong in you, then that mixture of ideas and feelings can make something interesting and fabulous in the future about photography …
        For example the angle that you used for the picture of the lion “achieved” a majestic lion … if you get the same photo with other angle (for example the front) maybe only we can get a large statue …. the photo with the creeper… is nice how the shadow reflected on the wall …every detail …

  2. Great pictures Boris, you have a very good eye. The black-and-white shots are particularly effective for the geometric scenes and I love bikes too!

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