Photography at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam – Dec 2012

Hello everybody. This is a batch of photos I took during a visit to the Rijksmuseum near Christmas. It was my first time taking photos of people at a museum, and I can unreservedly say that much more than looking at the paintings themselves I enjoyed looking at those who were looking at them. I never noticed it before, but there seems to be  in the encounter with great art something which transforms the person, or simply brings a certain thing within her- or himself onto the surface – and it is immediately reflected on one’s face and in one’s eyes.

I had a lot of fun that day, and working just now on these photos I for the first time really started appreciating the OM-D (my new camera) – for the tonal richness, the fullness of each color and the smooth transition from one tone to another; to say nothing about the fact that ISO 800 on my old camera would have been rather bad in terms of digital noise.

Well, here they are, in random order:

2x2 (real vs painted color)
2×2 (real vs. painted color)

Composition with wallpaperPositioning I (also: Composition with wallpaper)


PositioningPositioning II (also: Rembrandt on the wall – tribute to Suzanne Vega)

On opposite sidesOn opposite sides

The turn of the headThe turn of the head


in betweenIn between

Good facesGood faces

Among the RembrandtsAmong the Rembrandts

The two groupsOblivious

watching the Watch
watching the Watch

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed! Till next time.


14 thoughts on “Photography at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam – Dec 2012

      • And it’s a lot of fun. But you need an unobtrusive camera – I wouldn’t dare do this with a DSLR. Or perhaps I would – photographers are a shameless bunch, as everybody knows 🙂

      • Well… 🙂 The OM-D is indeed great for this purpose. By the way, the Digital SLR Photography magazine brought an article in the last issue about a professional photographer describing his trip to Moscow – he had an OM-D as a second camera for all those places where you are not allowed to appear with a DSLR and he seemed to be extremely pleased with the results. Leica M (9) is another option with absolutely phenomenal quality and small size but it hurts badly to ponder over its cosmic cost… 😉 Have just found out that the M3 has flooded eBay, maybe will try it out at some point if I ever decide on risking a return to film…

      • A Leica M9, eh? 🙂 I tried one at a shop, and I’d say it’s about twice as big as the OM-D (which is incredibly small), and thrice less comfortable without the optional grip – it’s really hefty. And then there’s the new M Typ 240 which is about to be released. Cost is astronomical as always – and that of lenses not much less than that of the camera body. (The new 50/2 costs more than $7,000 😛 )

        But anyway, I think I’ll stick with the OM-D till it becomes a limiting factor – which will take some time, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Well, despite all the flaws Leica M is still capable of providing outstanding image quality 🙂 It’s just so crazily expensive that an acquisition does’t seem to make any sense unless your dedication is strong enough to induce you to spend a high percentage of your free time with it achieving satisfactory (or ‘expenditure-justifying’) results… That’s why, not willing to commit to such a degree, I started thinking about M3 – but it seems that the old M3 cannot live without being constantly serviced and every time it costs as much as the camera itself – so, does not seem to make much sense either. I’ll stick to Nikon for a few decades to come. I do wonder how the new M version turns out though – the reviews are a bit discordant at the moment.

        And, by the way, maybe you are mistaken – considering the astronomical speed with which you do everything you do it might not take that much time 🙂

  1. Boris,
    Not only do I love your piano playing, but I love your photography. These are just beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. I like the way you capture every detail in the midst of so many people … the colors are fascinating … “Among the Rembrandts” and “2×2 (real vs. painted color)” are my favorites 🙂 … your work is beautiful 🙂 …

    • Thanks so much, Brezka! Glad you enjoyed those. ‘Among the Rembrandts’ is probably my overall favorite – and it needed almost no work at all, this is more or less the photo as it came out of the camera.

      • Yes I could see … 🙂 and this photo “Among the Rembrandts” make me see in a mirror because I have a favorite Art picture here at the Museo de Bellas Artes en Santiago … when I need inspiration I go to the museum for see the Picture ….

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