Every man is an abyss – Darmstadt, May 2012

Jeder Mensch ist ein Abgrund


7 thoughts on “Every man is an abyss – Darmstadt, May 2012

  1. …and you get dizzy looking into it … (from Woyzeck or am I wrong ? ) it is a disturbing work … well, I like the look of the sky I feel that the sky is right for a phrase like that … There are many different abyss in this life … although the concept is only One , the bottom of the abyss makes the difference, It can be filled with stones that make you die or a river with crystalline water that makes you live again …

    • Yeap, that’s from Woyzeck (this is the line that’s written in German on the purple sign). And that’s an interesting way of looking at it – what will you find below, stones or water… nice 🙂

      • Yes I know ……….. I know the line in spanish, “Cada hombre es un abismo,se siente vértigo al mirar en él” … I hope to finf Water into the future …. I love to philosophize with phrases like these …is difficult to find people who enjoy it …but I like your photo the atmosphere is perfect … ( maybe in the center they are talking about it 😉 )

      • Schwermütigkeit und Bedrohligkeit am Himmel sind ja auch sehr deutsch, nicht bloß nur Regelmäßigkeit und Ordnung… Von Gursky höre ich zum ersten Mal, danke, war eine sehr interessante Entdeckung! Ist der Rhein ein Lieblingsbild aus seinen Bildern? (wenn man die Frage so konkret stellen darf 🙂 )

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