A few shots from Yerevan – Oct 2012

As the title says :-). It was a short visit, but I’ve enjoyed very much whatever I had the chance to see of the city – would love to go back, with more time.

So, to start with, a scene just outside my hotel:

Inside and out

A statue of Aram Khachaturian:

Aram Khachaturian

And two small statues in a glass showcase (the first is subtitled “I’ll swallow you whole”; the second “true love”):

I'll swallow you whole

True love

A doorway:

No. 1

Trees and another doorway:

Trees and a doorway

And one last doorway – of the Matenadaran, an ancient manuscript repository and museum:

Matenadaran doorway

Approaching the Matenadaran from below:

Approaches to Matenadaran

And to finish with, another scene near my hotel (my favorite shot from this batch):

Crossing the road

That’s it! See you next time.


5 thoughts on “A few shots from Yerevan – Oct 2012

  1. Boris, you not only have the soul of a poet, you have the eyes of a poet! These are some very beautiful photographs indeed.

  2. is difficult to choose between so much beauty… I can see a noteworthy development in your photographs…I can see you have developed a personal style.
    I like the way you can turn something simple into something wonderful …this is a special virtue…you should use it!!!
    my favorites are the first and the last … the last is special, because the position of the cars is perfect! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Brezka, I really appreciate it.
      I feel I have a huge amount to learn – the more I do it, the more I realize, that exactly like in music, you can’t achieve much without serious work – and having a proper teacher might help too.

      • absolutely! … If I see your photos from one (or more) year ago and the photos from 6 month ago I can find a significant difference … I know you need to get a teacher and “every kind of Art needs teaching, seriousness and dedication”, for example I paint with watercolor, I am good but “not the best” I have many mistakes because I’ve never taken painting classes (after I show you a paint). about photography you must to get a teacher because you have a innate talent to develop … I like the photography too ( I know a little) I would like to get it but rigth now I cant 😦 … because I get the Musical composition like the most serious work in my life …

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