A twig – Greenwich, March 2013



3 thoughts on “A twig – Greenwich, March 2013

  1. I like it a lot this pic 🙂 … sometimes the simple things can be wonderful … last week I was invited to take part in a Photography Workshop the photographer (the teacher) wanted music for stimulate the minds of students I was playing the violin for many time ( I improvised) and they were pinting and after photo shoot … and there was one photo I think It was nice (I’ll send you, I want you look it) … and the second day I played music for B & W photos … it was a wonderful experience …

    • Thanks a lot, Brezka!
      It’s a nice idea – to mix music and photography. I must admit that in my mind they are almost completely separated (i.e. there are a lot of similarities – like in-focus vs out-of-focus in photos vs voice separation in music, clarity or lack thereof in both, fluidity, etc, but the process is utterly different for me, like if a different part of the brain were responsible for each).

      • Of course! I can understand your idea about that, because, for me It was the same for many years, this last time I have been meditating a lot (not only in the mixture of music and photography, in other in other doctrines too) … the next idea has been on my mind for some time: “all doctrines that somehow have relation to the art, they have a special connection, but invisible among themselves” …. Which is the base (or foundation) of this idea? the music works via the intervention of complex psycho-psychic processes … is similar to what happens between the mind and the color and there are a connection between music and color … There are scientific studies about this : Our brains are wired to make connections between music and color, depending on how they make us feel the melodies … maybe that’s the Invisible Connection between music and photography … (for me there are differences between a photographer influenced by the music and the photographer who has no musical influence)
        But not forget this picture … the gradient in the details of the twig is very interesting, maybe for someone can only be a twig (a simple twig) but for me is like a metaphor … and this picture reminds me a very famous phrase : “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” …

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