Walls of colour

I find stretches of coloured walls fascinating for some reason; whether empty –

Beijing - Shadows on the wall Beijing, Nov 2012

Greenwich wall

Greenwich, March 2013

Valparaiso - No. 418
Valparaiso (Chile), Nov 2013

Or backdrops for passing cats and sleeping dogs:

Cat, wall and flowersGmünd (Austria), July 2013

Blue sleeping dog

Santiago de Chile, Nov 2012

Or indeed for people:

The pair
Gmünd (Austria), July 2013

Red on redManchester, Jan 2013

Not sure why – perhaps due to the nice graphic simplicity of those large blocks of colour.

But anyway, that’s it for today, see you next time!


5 thoughts on “Walls of colour

  1. nice photos! I like them … ( were you in valparaiso? …) well, the photo from Greenwich is my favorite … ( I love this color combination … why? because these three colors were important, they represented an ideal here at a special moment in the history of my country )… Interesting this selection … and both photos the cat and the dog haha nice!

  2. oh … did u see in valparaiso ” La escalera del pilcomayo” or pilcomayo’s stair ? it is stair with special steps because every step is paint like a piano key … curiosities from Valparaiso 😉

    • Nope, haven’t seen it – I had just a very short visit, less than an hour. It seems like a incredibly photogenic city. If I have a chance I’ll go back, when I’m in Chile next May.

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