A walk in Dublin – May 2014

Hello! Ages since I last posted. Many photos taken in between, but time for processing has been scarce; so the backlog just keeps on growing.

But anyway, these photos here are fresh from the press 🙂 I’ve just now been to Dublin (just now meaning till yesterday), and the few days spent there were a blast, from numerous points of view. Photographically, too, it was one of the most exciting trips of recent months, and working on the photos right away felt Good.

The majority of these are from a single walk along the Liffey on my first night there.


Diagonal aspirations


Under the handrail

Under the handrail

In conversation


Golden wheat
Golden wheat

Rim light
Rim light


The inundated world
The inundated world


That’s it for now, see you next time!


12 thoughts on “A walk in Dublin – May 2014

  1. Great photos Boris 🙂 I like to see many colors (the photo in b/w is beauty too) …It is difficult to choose only one like favorite but I like so much the laat photo “The inundated world” and “Golden wheat” is a interesting photo make me remember the storie about the Inspiration of the first flag of my country ( the Inspiration of the yellow color of this flag it was for the “golden wheat”). Congratulation Boris every time your pictures are most beautiful

  2. For the last picture had to think a little to figure it out, but great composition. Oh and the lady again! Tell me, is it the same as in Italy?

  3. I loved “Rim light” and the last one! :).
    When I see “rim light” I feel mystery… With the last one I feel like… relaxation by the water. Nice composition. I did the same with one photo, I was out of a swimming pool and I turned vertically by accident and I prefered like that XD. It seems like a painting because of the water…
    Kind regards!.

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