Washington, November 2013 – mostly people and trees

Hello! A batch of photos from a short visit to Washington last November. Mostly people and trees, as the title says, sometimes combined.

Three night shots to begin with:

Red, white and black
Red, white and black


Back alley
Back alley

Tree interlude:

Tree interlude I

Three people shots to continue:

On a bike
On a bike

Walker on the Green
Walker on the Green

Evening scene
Couple at Circa


Tree interlude II:

Tree interlude II

And finally, three shots taken at the Philips Collection, during a break from practicing 🙂 –

In the museum I

In the museum III

In the museum II

I’m rather happy with the last one. 🙂 That’s it for today! See you next time.


16 thoughts on “Washington, November 2013 – mostly people and trees

  1. Superbes photos!!!! Quel oeil, quel regard vous avez, Boris! J’aime! J’aime! je viens vous voir le 26 à ottignies avec mes deux enfants qui sont heureux de venir vous voir” en vrai”. A bientôt, Boris

  2. Was just contemplating your collection again 🙂 I like the contrast – or better – harmony between the City and Nature images….the last one is amazing, and I wonder how you achieved this bokkeh?

    All best,

  3. Wondering how you managed for the very last picture, I mean for how long did the mister (or you) had to stand still haha? sometimes the camera takes ages to focus. Good pictures.

    • Thanks Kevin. It was a matter of a second or so – I just tried to align the gentleman’s face with the opening and took the shot. (I don’t think he was aware of me, so I couldn’t ask him to stand still 🙂 )

  4. Thank you for explaining Boris. What camera/lense do you use mostly? My favourite image is the couple at Circa…..you captured a special, tender moment …. lightness of being emanating from the photo…. and they seem not to be aware of you either 🙂

    Best, Eveline

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