Gray parrot at the Turnersee bird park – Austria, July 2012

Older photo – from the same trip as the Saker falcon. Going through these old batches, I’m so often thinking what a great camera the G12 is. And though my E-M5 is a wonderful tool, and very much more advanced than the compact Canon, the G12’s combination of size, manual controls, articulated screen, superb lens with a big range, etc etc etc, has still had no real replacement for me.

Gray parrot


5 thoughts on “Gray parrot at the Turnersee bird park – Austria, July 2012

  1. I always thought that the old cameras are better than the last generation because there are many modern cameras that offer more sophisticated functions but they lose the purity of the image. (I hope you can understand my idea it is like a smartphone, you can do many thinks with it but you sometime can forget that it is for make a call too …). It is so interesting…. but I like this photo, I like to see And feel the movement of their feathers. Your photos of the birds make me think of many things…

  2. Well, it’s not really a difference like between digital and film cameras. The G12 is still a 100% modern camera (it came out in 2011), equipped with a hundred functions, it just happens to have a combination of features and build that make it very enjoyable to use (for me!). Besides, it was my first ‘serious’ camera, so there’s a bit of nostalgia too.

    • I think there are differences for example between a camera from this year and a camera for the next year because we always have a new technology (that always appears)and the manufacturers for to improve a function they have to sacrifice other.

      but I agree with you that maybe “there are not really very important differences” …

      and also I can understand that you feel a bit of nostalgic for your first “serious” camera with which you started taking pictures more elaborate (it is similar to what I feel when I think of my first “serious” Viola, is some special 🙂 )

      something I’ve always admired you (and I like a lot) is that you have a great photographic composition and every one of your photos has a purpose I know you did not take a picture by chance that can only be done by a good photographer and although for you the photography is a hobby I can feel an extension of your ART in every picture you have taken and that is beauty!

      Best regards 🙂

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