Tokyo, March 2014 – mostly street

Hello! A short batch of photos from a visit to Japan this spring. First one was taken from the air, approaching the airport:

From the air

Then from a walk near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, three ladies at a crossing:

Three ladies at a crossing

And another road-related photo (dual personalities, a.k.a. schizophrenic buses):

Tokyo – dual personality v.4

Man under a tree – a totally trite subject, but I liked the gentle colour palette and soft light, contrasting with the leafless tree:

Tokyo – man under tree

Just after that, liquid reflections on a building:

Tokyo – liquid reflections

And finally, two street scenes:

Tokyo – worried

Tokyo - Untitled (from the hip)-2

That’s it for now, see you next time!


8 thoughts on “Tokyo, March 2014 – mostly street

  1. Wounderfull photos! The first made me remember” la cordillera de los andes”.
    The man under the tree I agree with you about the ligth (my favorite).
    And the last photo I think is like this photo in black and white you took in Manchester some time ago “Her Eyes”.
    I like this photos because in every photo the ladies or men are with smarthphone or tablet … What is the real context of the photographs where people are? it is interesting… (soon I will send u a special photo)

    • Thanks, Brezka! I don’t have an answer regarding the context – it changes a lot between photo and photo. Sometimes it’s about solitude, sometimes about the interaction between people, or a juxtaposition of a person and an inanimate object.

      • Interesting! I can undestand your idea… I loved the photo “man under a tree”… (i dont need to say more words because you know my thinking about your photos and your Art.) take care! 🙂

    • Indifference, a frawn or a smile are the three common reactions (indifference being the most prevalent by far). In one case a lady in Germany resolutely asked me not to take a photo of her, but that’s the only case I can remember.

      I have to say though, that about 90% of the people I took a photo of never noticed being photographed in the first place… People are often so absorbed in what they’re doing that they don’t really pay attention to their surroundings.

  2. Right. I find that taking pictures of people is quite tricky.. to find the right angle in a short instant, not that easy! The lady in the one before the last picture looks quite surprised 🙂 I’m wondering, would you consider using a vintage camera, like a polaroid?

    I like the first pic, somehow it makes me think of a vintage postcard in the 40ties – not to insulte the quality of the picture of course! Amazing how one can see the narrow paths on the mountains.

    • People are actually not that tricky (landscapes are much more so, in my opinion!), and the more photos you take, the less tricky it becomes :). However after the novelty of ‘taking photos of strangers on the street’ wears off, the difficulty becomes seeing and catching the moments or personalities which are interesting or unusual or appeal to you in some strong way. Re right angle: I often use a wider lens and crop (though not on these photos) – it might be a lasy solution, but I’d rather do this and get the shot than be a ‘purist’ and refuse to crop. The lady, though she seems to be looking at the camera, was searching for someone or something behind me, and if I remember correctly, did not notice, or pay any attention to me; her face expression (which I imagined to be worried) was what attracted me to that shot.

      Polaroid – unlikely 🙂 film is hugely unpractical for amateurs, for all sorts of reasons. And I enjoy my OM-D a lot; so there’s no reason to switch.

  3. It’s like in music, practice is key.. and your solution makes perfect sense, at least you got the angle you want like this, and to hell with the purist 🙂 Funny thing is, I find taking pictures of nature, or still life easier than people haha! And for that last part, you’ve control at least – not like people. Polaroids, yeah they’re not practical at all – I have one, a Lightmixer 630, and I only used one film of 8 pics(!) (and it costs approximately an arm too).. the pictures are very pale and somewhat blue with this camera, so all in all it makes a weird mix of the subject and the colours. But the camera itself makes a good decoration on a shelf!

    Enjoy Tokyo & Grieg – and take lots of pictures 🙂

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