Sleepless in Tokyo – at the Tsukiji fish market; March 2015

The second post from Tokyo. The Tsukiji fish market, and the tuna auction that takes place there every dawn are a must-see, so says everybody. So, having woken up one night at 4:30, and realizing that falling asleep again won’t work (despite trying really hard), I decided to follow the recommendations. A quick taxi ride, and there I was at 5:15, together with a trickle of foreigners, making our way into the depths of the fish market, and trying to find the tuna auction. Find it we did, only to be politely shown out by the security guards. “But the auction”, we protested, “we came to see the auction! Here it is! We can see legs! We can see huge slabs of tuna! Can’t we go inside?” But as it happened, we were woefully late; only two groups of 60 people are admitted daily, and as it’s on a first-come first-serve basis, we should have come around 4a.m. to secure a spot. Well, something to look forward to the next time!

As it was, I took a few shots around the market; for somebody like me who sometimes goes to sleep around that time, seeing the fish market at those hours – a fully functioning world unto itself – was utterly fascinating. The shots below are not representative of the market at all; simply small scenes and characters from that place.





(even the sleepless sometimes sleep)


To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Tokyo – at the Tsukiji fish market; March 2015

  1. Hello Boris! that sounds quite like the adventure, and what did you do from 6:00? 😀 You must have had a lot of time for pictures – they’re great, I like the ones from your previous post too 🙂 looking forward to the last part of your Tokyo trip!

  2. Hi Isis! Glad you liked those. I didn’t have a lot of free time, but I did spend all of it on photography – Tokyo is a place which keeps you wide-eyed and on the verge of a sensory overload (in a good way); add to this a fascinating (and for me, exotic) culture, and there you are 🙂
    I’ve just posted the third part.

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