Steel face – Hattingen, Germany

Steel face


8 thoughts on “Steel face – Hattingen, Germany

  1. Hi Boris, it’s good to see some of your pictures again it’s been a while! Looks like you’re exploring new subjects, I see an inclination towards abstract photography which is interesting. On that picture, is the “spot” (that I’m interpreting as the eye?) really in the structure itself? Anyhow, keep ’em coming 🙂

    • Hi Isis, thanks for the encouragement! These photos aren’t new – they were taken over the past 2-3 years, in different places; it’s something which I love capturing when I see it, but not something I could really plan for in advance (as opposed to street photography, where you’re basically guaranteed that something interesting will happen every time you go out).

      The spot was a hole in the sheet of metal (it’s an old steelworks which has been converted into a museum); this is what suggested the face image.

  2. Oh I see okay. I guess you need to pay lot’s of attention to the surroundings to eventually see things such as the one in your picture. That’s not always an easy task ! Though you have a good eye, so that should not be a problem 🙂 In another way to see things, I usually try to picture the buildings or landscapes around me as paintings, imagining how I would paint this or that light/colour, it’s fascinating.

    • I think it’s half luck, half being in a kind of open mindset, ready to see something unusual. Faces are easier to imagine / see, I think, as humans seem to have a predilection to ‘recognizing’ faces in patterns.

      Interesting about the painting imagination; I guess it comes with your being at home with painting / drawing?

      • I apologize for the late reply! Yes, exactly. Though it happens a lot when I go places, I want to draw anything that catches my attention – it’s a bit like photography if you think of it! I like the idea of seeing a drawing and thinking “I’ve been there, and that’s how I perceived that something”. Anyway, I’m just rambling :-p

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