Sakura petals in Kyoto

Kyoto petals


6 thoughts on “Sakura petals in Kyoto

  1. Hi Boris: Love the silver in the petals. Like many of your photographs this one presents the viewer with alternate ways of understanding it. An illusion? A reflection? I admire the layering of the petals (some on the surface, some underwater?)

    • Hi Christopher, thanks a lot for the positive feedback! I was in Japan just at the end of the Sakura season last year, and, like everybody else, got into a craze of photographing the (truly stunningly beautiful) blossoming trees. However, that’s the only shot I have of the petals that I was happy with, the rest are very standard stuff. It’s with the Ricoh GR (fixed 28mm-equivalent lens), and I had to try a few different aperture settings to get the layers right.

      Knowing that you might sometimes be looking at the blog will give me an incentive to post more 🙂 I have four rolls of film I’m planning to develop in the next days, including half a roll from Ottawa and a full roll from NY. If there’s anything worthwhile there, I will post it, together with a few digital shots.

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